Intel to postpone Chip plant in Italy

Intel has decided to postpone its investment plans in Italy, according to the country’s industry minister. The proposed project, initially suggested in March 2022, aimed to establish an advanced packaging and chip assembly factory.

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Intel has chosen to postpone its investment plans in Italy, aligning with a broader trend of strategic redirection observed in its European operations, similar to actions taken in France. This decision reflects a prioritisation of projects in Germany over those in Italy, including the deferment of a proposed advanced packaging and chip assembly factory project first mooted in March 2022. Minister Adolfo Urso has reassured Italy’s willingness to welcome Intel, highlighting the country’s willingness to engage in future collaboration with the tech giant.

Minister Adolfo Urso expressed optimism regarding the prospects of Italy’s semiconductor sector, buoyed by a groundbreaking $3.5 billion deal with Singapore’s Silicon Box, the sector’s first major foreign investment in Italy. The minister’s optimism extends to forthcoming discussions with Taiwanese groups facilitated by a ministry task force, suggesting proactive measures to foster additional foreign investment in the sector in the coming months. These initiatives underscore Italy’s commitment to positioning itself as an attractive destination for tech investment and innovation, despite Intel’s current decision to postpone its plans.