IBM releases open-source AI models and partners with Saudi Arabia

The primary objective of this initiative is to assist software developers in speeding up the completion of computer code by providing tools that streamline the process.

IBM logo on building

IBM announced it would release a family of AI models as open-source software and assist Saudi Arabia in training an AI system in Arabic. Unlike competitors such as Microsoft, which charge for their AI models, IBM provides open access to its ‘Granite’ AI models, allowing companies to customise them. These models aim to help software developers complete computer code more efficiently. IBM monetises this by offering a paid tool, Watsonx, to help run the customised models within data centres.

IBM’s approach focuses on profiting when customers utilise the AI models, regardless of their origin or data centre location. IBM’s CEO, Arvind Krishna, emphasised that they believe in the early potential of generative AI and the benefits of competition for consumers. He also highlighted the importance of being safe and responsible in AI development.

Additionally, IBM announced a collaboration with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority to train its ‘ALLaM’ Arabic language model using Watsonx. The following initiative will enhance IBM’s AI capabilities by incorporating the ability to understand multiple Arabic dialects.