Hungary launched new campaign for children’s online safety

Hungary’s National Administration for Media and Infocommunications has launched a program to guide families on keeping their children safe on the Internet.

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The program manager of Hungary’s National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH), Norbert Kis, announced the launching of the ‘Is My Family Mobile?’ campaign, which aims to provide families with guidance on how to protect their children online. Kis stated that this initiative is not a one-time action and that NMHH is trying to constantly keep the issue of children’s online safety on the agenda. Akos Somogii, head of the National Administration for Media and Infocommunications’ child protection section, stressed that many children and parents have completely public profiles on social media platforms, which exposes their content to anyone and makes them vulnerable and susceptible to potential risks. The campaign aims to participate in educational and preventive ways of promoting a safe online space for children while also assisting parents and teachers to support children and educate them on how to use the internet consciously.