Human Rights Watch awarded for helping children’s privacy online

Human Rights Watch won 2023 Webby Award for an interactive online campaign to protect children from online learning products.

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Human Rights Watch received two 2023 Webby Awards, the highest international award for excellence on the internet, after competing against some of the world’s most outstanding and significant news organisations, including Reuters and CBS News.

One of these prizes is for an interactive campaign regarding online learning devices that may have monitored children and gathered personal data during COVID-19 school closures.

Human Rights Watch has launched an interactive online campaign called #StudentsNotProducts, as well as a video, to highlight violations of children’s rights committed by governments worldwide that approved online learning products during the COVID-19 pandemic while failing to adequately protect children’s privacy.

Human Rights Watch’s Amanda Alampi, director of campaigns and public engagement, stated that some government-recommended learning goods had affected children’s rights. She said every child has the right and needs to be secure in person, at school, on the internet, and in the digital environment when accepting the Human Rights Watch award for an interactive online campaign. She also claims that the campaign provided children, parents, and instructors with skills to safeguard their children from online learning items.