HP advances blended learning in Middle East with ‘Classroom of the Future’

Classroom of the Future’ is a new integrated solution launched by HP for education providers which incorporates HP’s PC hardware and a suite of digital pedagogy enabling software. This is designed as a solution to the COVID-19 crisis by using technology to create a more effective learning environment and enable better learning outcomes. The ‘Classroom of the Future’ solution ensures a virtuous pedagogy loop by empowering all the key stakeholders in the classroom with three main components:

  • Student Centricity: Classera’s learning software is an essential tool that engages young students through an interactive and digitised learning environment. 
  • Teacher Empowerment: HP’s ‘Classroom Manager’ allows teachers to create a digital learning environment for students, while tracking progress in real time, monitoring student activities, and evaluating individual and group performances. 
  • IT Governance: ‘TechPulse’ is a diagnostics tool that is used for predictive analytics for IT support, management, security, and planning.