Hiroshima AI process: G7’s effort to tackle challenges of AI technology

G7 officials are set to hold their first meeting dedicated to discussing AI regulation next week.

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The G7 leaders have agreed to establish a government forum called the ‘Hiroshima AI process’ to address problems surrounding the rapid growth of AI technology. During the meeting, officials will consider topics such as the protection of intellectual property, disinformation, and how to govern AI technology.

As the current chair of G7, Japan aims to lead the discussion on the responsible use of generative AI technology during the summit. The hope is to provide suggestions for heads of state by the end of the year. At the previous Hiroshima G7 summit, leaders also called for the development and adoption of international technical standards that maintain the trustworthiness of AI technology and align with shared democratic values. The G7 AI working group will seek feedback from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.