Guinea and idemea partnership for digital ID

The National Agency for Social and& Economic Inclusion (ANIES) in Guinea has entered into a partnership deal with Idemia, for biometric IDs in for a social welfare programme. The World Bank had estimated that it would cost up to US$ 4-11 per person to initiate the programme, but the deal with idemia has seen this cost lowered to $2.60 per person.

According to Idemea’s senior VP for security and identity in Africa, Antoine Grenier, the company will supply the biometric system as well as infrastructure and also give field support to ANIES during registration.

The World Bank is supporting the creation of a US$50 million large-scale project new civil registration system in Guinea. The project involves creation of a new civil registry system and will result in issuance of new ECOWAS standard ID cards to Guineans.