GSMA report: Securing digital ID ecosystem vital to delivery of life-enhancing services in sub-Saharan Africa

GSMA published a report that provides an overview of the digital ID landscape in four sub-Saharan African markets (Benin, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda) by examining the role of mobile in strengthening identity ecosystems. In all four sub-Saharan African countries studied, proof of identity requirements were found to complement digital and financial inclusion endeavors. To this aim, partnerships between regulators and the mobile industry is suggested to ameliorate efficiencies and lessen the burden of regulatory compliance. Additionally, mobile technology could enable secure and inclusive digital identity while developing ID-linked services. The report further recommended that countries partner with mobile network operators (MNOs) to promote economic growth and improve the efficiency of service delivery, both by private and public sector providers. For example, to enroll residents in new digital identity ecosystems more efficiently and inclusively, governments may wish to leverage the business assets of MNOs, including their extensive retail networks, established personal data privacy practices, and experience in dealing with customers and managing their personal data.