GSMA report highlights negative impact of spectrum prices

The GSMA recently published a report titled ‘The impact of spectrum prices on consumers’ where it highlighted some of the negative implications of high spectrum prices such as the inability to access mobile broadband services. Conclusions drawn from the study are said to have ‘important ramifications for governments and regulators – particularly those betting on 4G and 5G as enablers of growth and sustainable development.’ The report, based on a seven-year-long study conducted between 2010 and 2017, revealed, among other things, that spectrum prices were three times higher in developing countries than in developed countries and that the high spectrum prices were responsible for the slow dispersal of 4G networks. Moreover, the study showed that artificially imposed limitations on the supply of spectrum pose a great threat and that policymakers should instead facilitate ‘timely, fair and effective spectrum licensing to the benefit of society’.

The report was launched at the ITU Telecom World 2019.