Governor of Pennsylvania announces state government use of AI

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, politicians in at least 25 states have submitted measures addressing artificial intelligence, with Pennsylvania being one of the leaders.

Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Led by Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro, the state of Pennsylvania announced that the state government is gearing up to incorporate AI into its operations. This development reflects a broader trend as states across the nation grapple with understanding the implications of AI, consulting relevant expertise, and devising appropriate regulations.

In the Executive Order, Shapiro revealed that his administration is taking several proactive steps, including establishing a Generative AI Governing Board, formulating guiding principles for AI usage, and creating training programs tailored for state employees. Governor Shapiro emphasised the importance of Pennsylvania being well-versed in AI and capable of adapting to its evolving landscape.

He also added that the ‘new Executive Order will help us responsibly integrate this emerging technology into some of our government operations so we can move at the speed of business’ while ensuring its responsible deployment in the private sector.

Why does it matter?

As the race to regulate AI continues, US states and the federal government are pushing for more research within national security and law enforcement domains. While states like California seek to set AI guidelines at the state level, very few have integrated its benefits into their governance. This may be a first step in using AI to improve public administration in the US and worldwide.