Government digital ID to reach 5 billion by 2024

Governments are expected to have issued 5 billion digital identity credentials by 2024 according to a new report on mobile biometric technologies, digital identity apps, and civic digital identity by Juniper Research. This is a rise of 150% from the current 1.7 billion. Among the reasons for this rise is that countries which do not have legacy systems are developing brand new digital ID systems. For example, by 2022 Malawi is expected to have 22 million new digital ID enrolments while Nigeria will lead Africa with 420 million people. In Europe and North America, the digital ID revolution is led by financial service providers. Mobile systems will continue to influence digital ID and many digital ID schemes will leverage on mobile single sign-on. The report foresees less systems being built on blockchain and self sovereign identity. A Goode Intelligence report predicted that digital identity and verification will be a $15 billion market by 2024.