Google’s Bard now available in South Africa and supports Swahili language

Google has expanded its generative AI platform, Bard, to 59 new countries and territories, including South Africa. Swahili has become the first African language to be supported by Bard.

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Google has launched Bard in South Africa, with support for Swahili, marking the first African language included in the generative AI platform. Swahili, spoken by approximately 150 million people, is among Africa’s most widely spoken languages. According to Google, Bard can now be accessed in 40 languages and 59 additional countries and territories.

Additionally, Bard has been updated to allow users to adjust the tone and style of its responses by selecting from five different options: simple, long, short, professional, or casual. This particular feature is currently limited to English but will soon expand to other languages. Google has also introduced an update enabling users to listen to responses, which is available in over 40 languages.

With the recent global expansion, Bard is now accessible in most countries worldwide, including those in the EU. Next to Swahili, it also supports the most widely spoken languages, such as Chinese, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi.