Google sued by Dutch organisations over alleged privacy violations

Two Dutch organisations filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the company of alleged large-scale violations of privacy.

Google social network

The Dutch consumer organisations Consumentenbond and the Privacy Protection Foundation filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of alleged large-scale privacy violations. They accuse Google of sharing extensive profiles and data on users without their consent while raising concerns that Google transfers data to countries outside Europe.

According to the statement, 82,000 people have so far been part of the damages claim since the group’s announcement of the lawsuit in May 2023. The groups demanded that Google, which is part of Alphabet Inc., stop the constant monitoring and sharing of personal data through online advertising auctions. They also demanded that Google pay 750 euros in indamages’ ‘for every consumer who has used Google.’

Why does it matter?

Google has previously faced a lawsuit for allegedly misusing personal information. Namely, in July 2023, a US law firm filed a lawsuit alleging that Alphabet’s Google misused vast amounts of personal data and proprietary material to train its AI systems. Additionally, in June 2023, Google was sued for violating children’s privacy through a program designed to protect children’s privacy.