Google sued over alleged data scraping and copyright infringement for AI training

Google is facing a lawsuit accusing it of alleged data scraping, copyright violation, and misappropriation of personal data for AI development.

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Google is accused of alleged data scraping and copyright violation to develop and train its AI products. The lawsuit was filed against Google, its parent company, Alphabet, and its AI subsidiary Deepmind.

According to the complaint, Google has secretly scrapped data from millions of American citizens and used this data to train its AI products, including its chatbot Bard. Additionally, Google allegedly took creative and copyright works without consent to develop its AI products. It is also emphasised that the data scraping is under legal scrutiny due to potential copyright infringement and use of personal data, including data from children. Google’s general counsel, Halimah DeLaine Prado, denied these allegations and stated that any information used was from public sources.

Essentially, the complaint stressed Google’s recently updated privacy policy, which confirms that its AI services, including Bard and CloudAI, may be trained on scrapped data from the web. Google stated that such an update aimed to merely clarify that Bard is also included in the training. The lawsuit against Google seeks a temporary freeze on commercial access and development of its generative AI tools. It also demands compensation for alleged data misappropriation from eight plaintiffs, including a minor.