Google Brazil’s head executive supports open discussions amid concerns over proposed Fake News Law

The company’s goal is to establish a regulation that strike a balance and safeguard the interests of all stakeholders.

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The head executive of Google Brazil expressed support for open discussions on regulating digital platforms in the country, aiming to amend a bill that, in his view, could have negative consequences for everyone involved. 

The bill in question, known as the Fake News Law or Bill 2630, would require internet companies, search engines, and social messaging services to identify and report illegal content, with significant penalties for non-compliance. Two months ago, the country’s top court ordered an investigation into executives from Telegram and Google for leading a campaign against the proposed bill.

Google, owned by Alphabet Inc, is engaged in conversations with Brazilian authorities, including the National Telecommunications Agency and lawmaker Orlando Silva, overseeing the bill’s progress in Congress and the federal government to establish regulations beneficial for all parties. In April, Google released a statement opposing the rushed approval of such legislation, and their search engine homepage displayed a message warning about the potential negative impact of the bill on internet users.

The bill has not yet been voted on in Congress.