Google announced new features to increase online safety

Google has launched new capabilities to ensure users receive trustworthy and secure material. It has examined content that sexually exploits minors and made surfing safe with its Content Safety API.

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Google wants to ensure that its users receive trustworthy and secure material. Therefore the company has launched new capabilities that will allow users to check the legitimacy of any photographs they come across online and determine whether or not they are genuine.

To preserve children online, Google has examined content that sexually exploits minors online and has made surfing safe using its Content Safety API. The uniqueness is that, unlike in the past, Google can now detect harmful content in photos and videos.

Google has launched the necessary security measures because, per a recent update, it gives users in the US open access to the dark web report, allowing them to individually check if their data and accounts appeared there. Google will begin alerting users every time an app publishes its users’ location details, giving them the choice of accepting or declining.

Also, users won’t need to worry about garbage files because Google’s artificial intelligence has created secure browsing to shield users from phishing scams and internet dangers.