Google and Schools Plus partner to enhance digital skills in Australian schools

A $3 million donation from Google will help Schools Plus train 10,000 students with digital literacy skills, preparing them for STEM occupations.

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Google and Schools Plus have announced a multimillion-dollar bid to close the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) gap in Australia’s schools. Donations from Google will assist Schools Plus’ efforts to train 10,000 students with digital literacy skills, including AI, to prepare them for STEM occupations to boost the country’s economy.

Google Australia CEO Melanie Silva has worked with Schools Plus for the last six years to enhance children’s digital skills and STEM career goals in a school community. Google’s Digital Future program aims to allocate resources toward digital infrastructure investment and the advancement of research capabilities to address issues that impact the lives of Australians..

Rosemarie Conn, Director of Schools Plus, stated that the collaboration would urge schools to collaborate on designed projects addressing their unique STEM education requirements, strengthening students’ future-focused abilities, building teaching capacity through professional development and peer observation, and introducing equipment such as robotic kits or 3D printers.