Google and Microsoft launch separate Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms for cybersecurity

Google and Microsoft are stepping up their cybersecurity game with AI-driven platforms. With cyber threats on the rise, these AI-based platforms aim to provide proactive defence and quick response times.

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Google Cloud has launched Security AI Workbench, an AI-driven security platform that combines several of the company’s existing services, including the Mandiant cyber intelligence unit, the Chronicle security operations platform, and the Vertex AI infrastructure. The platform will allow analysts to upload potential cyber threats for analysis, receive breach alerts from Mandiant, and use an AI chat feature to interact with Google’s historical security data through Chronicle. Developed by Google’s DeepMind unit, the AI enables users to converse with the platform without having to learn specialised vocabularies. The platform is extensible, allowing other firms to plug in their data and help train the model. Accenture is Google’s first partner. Google’s platform is engineered specifically for cybersecurity and is more effective than a chatbot, according to Sunil Potti, VP and GM of security at Google Cloud.

Last month, Microsoft launched an AI assistant called Security CoPilot,, a Chat-GPT style virtual assistant which uses OpenAI software and can integrate with other Microsoft security services. The platform uses Microsoft’s global network of security operations centres and intelligence resources, combined with AI and automation tools, to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats. Security CoPilot offers features including automated threat response, 24/7 monitoring and reporting, and real-time threat intelligence updates. The platform can also integrate with existing security tools and services to provide a seamless cybersecurity solution. As cyber threats continue to rise, Microsoft’s AI-based cybersecurity platform aims to offer proactive defence and quick response times to potential breaches, and will be available to businesses of all sizes. Microsoft plans to continue investing in AI and machine learning to enhance its cybersecurity capabilities

In January, experts anticipated that AI systems have the potential to significantly change the cybersecurity sector by improving defences and creating new possibilities for criminals.