Global average level of IPv6 deployment at around 7%

Extended measurements of the Internet, performed by groups such as APNIC Labs, reveal that the global average level of IPV6 deployment is now at around 7%. As explained by APNIC, this means that the estimate of the proportion of the Internet’s user population that can retrieve web object across IPv6 is some 7% of the total user base. The measurements also show that there are large scale deployments of IPv6 by service providers in Belgium, the United States of America, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom. From a broader perspective, APNIC notes that, when comparing the use of IPv6 in the world of web objects to that of the infrastructure of the Domain Name System (DNS), the DNS has seen significant progress in the adoption of IPv6, and slightly more than one third of all users in today’s Internet are capable of resolving names using IPv6, as compared with a 7% measurement of users capable of using IPv6 in fetching objects over the web.