Germany warns against Russian anti-virus software Kaspersky over hacking concerns

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) warned users to avoid using Kaspersky software and instead consider alternatives.

The BSI agency cautioned that the ‘Russian IT manufacturer can carry out offensive operations itself, be forced to attack target systems against its will, or be spied on without its knowledge as a victim of a cyber operation, or be misused as a tool for attacks against its own customers.’

The agency added that trust in the reliability and self-protection of a manufacturer as well as its authentic ability to act is crucial for the safe use of such systems. If there are doubts about the reliability of the manufacturer, virus protection software poses a particular risk for the IT infrastructure.

In response, Kaspersky stated that it is a ‘private global cybersecurity company’ with no ties to the Russian government. Kaspersky added that the BSI’s warning was politically motivated and that it was in contact with the BSI to clarify the issue.