Germany fires cybersecurity chief over alleged Russian ties

German cybersecurity chief Arne Schönbohm was fired over alleged ties with Russian security services. According to media reports, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser dismissed the head of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) due to recent media reports of his ties with Russia and due to the damaged public trust in Schönbohm’s leadership.

According to reports, Schönbohm was tied to Russia through his role in the Cyber Security Council of Germany, which he co-founded before taking the position at the BSI. The association advises the private and public sectors on cybersecurity issues. However, the organisation recently came under fire over one of its members’ ties to the Kremlin.

The layoff was initially reported by the German news publication Spiegel and was later confirmed by a representative of the Interior Ministry.

The departure of Schoenbohm will be followed by an investigation by Germany’s Interior Ministry over the allegations in question.