French startup Pasqal set to introduce first quantum computer in Saudi Arabia

The deal signals a meaningful step in advancing quantum technology in Saudi Arabia.

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Paris-based quantum computing startup Pasqal has inked a significant deal with Saudi Arabia’s oil giant Aramco, marking the installation of the kingdom’s first quantum computer. Scheduled for deployment in the latter half of 2025, Pasqal will oversee the installation, maintenance, and operation of a powerful 200-cubit quantum computer.

Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO and co-founder of Pasqal expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its role in advancing the commercial embrace of quantum technology within Saudi Arabia. The initiative follows Pasqal’s successful provision of quantum computers to both France and Germany. Notably, Alain Aspect, a co-founder of Pasqal, was awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for groundbreaking experiments underpinning quantum mechanics, laying the foundation for quantum computing.

Why does it matter?

The allure of quantum computing lies in its potential to revolutionise computational capabilities, with projections suggesting that quantum computers could outpace today’s supercomputers by millions of times in certain computations. This partnership between Pasqal and Aramco signals a meaningful step towards harnessing the power of quantum technology to solve complex problems across various sectors, including energy, finance, and logistics. As the global race for quantum supremacy intensifies, collaborations like this one are pivotal in pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, promising transformative advancements with far-reaching implications for industries and societies worldwide.