Fast food chains in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Singapore targeted by phishing campaigns

Phishing campaigns in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Singapore have targeted customers of fast food chains like Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. Cloudsek uncovered sophisticated attacks impersonating Google Play Store apps to steal card details. They advised vigilance in sharing banking information, reporting fake domains, and emphasized the need for awareness campaigns to thwart such attacks.

Customers of fast food restaurants, including KFC and McDonald’s, were targeted by phishing campaigns in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Singapore. According to Cloudsek, the phishing campaigns impersonated Google Play Store displaying a browser-based application. Once the customers click on the application, a malicious site appears on the window which is a ‘sophisticated and elaborate phishing campaign being used to steal victims’ card details’. CloudSek proposed ways to detect such threats and warned users to be more vigilant while submitting banking information and report domains that impersonate brand names and trademarks. Lastly, CloudSek stated that awareness campaigns regarding malicious URLs should be created to prevent future attacks.