Far-right party Chega challenges Meta over 10-year Facebook ban

It is unclear what specific actions or content led to the restriction of Chega’s Facebook account by Meta.

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Portugal’s far-right political party, Chega, has initiated legal action against Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, following a 10-year ban imposed on the party’s Facebook account. The reasons behind the ban remain unspecified, raising concerns about potential political censorship across Meta’s platforms.

Led by André Ventura, Chega has gained traction in Portugal with its anti-immigration and anti-establishment rhetoric. Chega has responded by calling the restrictions ‘clearly illegal and of unspeakable persecution’ in a post on X.

Why does it matter?

Chega’s legal action against Meta Platforms underscores broader issues surrounding content moderation and political speech on social media platforms. The outcome of this case may establish precedents for how such platforms are held accountable for their moderation policies and their impact on political discourse (see Iran’s recent case). However, the need for more transparency regarding the reasons for Chega’s ban raises questions about the fairness and consistency of content moderation practices.