Facebook expresses its intention to pay more digital tax

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his support to international reforms that would require Silicon Valley tech giants to pay more tax in Europe.

At the Munich Security Conference on Friday, February 14, Zuckerberg said he accept Facebook may have to pay more tax under new tax reforms. 

Facebook and other large digital tech companies, including Amazon and Google, are under pressure from countries around the world for not paying what is perceived to be their share of taxes. Currently, digital companies are only required to pay tax on their profits in companies where they have a physical headquarters.

The digital tax has emerged as a key point of dispute between the US and France in particular, after Paris imposed its own tax on US digital giants such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple last year.

Nevertheless, within the framework of OECD, Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump have agreed to extend negotiations on a discussion over a French tax on digital Tech to the end of the year.