Experts call for accelerated 5G adoption in Mexico

Executives emphasized the urgency of improved collaboration between the Mexican government and telecoms companies to speed up the launch of 5G services in Mexico, where only 15% of the population currently has access to 5G.

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At a conference convened by the esteemed international telecoms organisation Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA) in Mexico City, prominent executives and officials all underlined the imperative for more effective collaboration between Mexico’s government and telecommunications companies to facilitate the prompt release of 5G services.

Some of the industry leaders showcased Tesla’s forthcoming factory in Nuevo Leon state, near the US-Mexico border, as an illustration of the nearby development opportunities available to Mexico. Gabriel Szekely, the Chief Executive of Mexico’s National Telecommunications Association (Anatel), made a compelling case for the government to provide enhanced support in connecting the manufacturing sector with telecommunications providers. To capitalise on the opportunities at hand, it is imperative for the country to prioritise the enhancement of its 5G infrastructure and attract additional investments, as emphasised by Chef of Anatel. Szekely continued by noting that the governmental sector is currently deficient in terms of strategy for the implementation of 5G technology.

A recent study indicates that just 15% of the Mexican population currently has access to 5G services; this contrasts with 61% in the United States. Nuevo Leon’s Minister of Economy, Ivan Rivas, accentuated the importance of strong telecommunications and AI networks to support Tesla’s operations in Mexico. Rivas expressed his belief that the government must prioritise the provision of cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure to support Tesla and other companies. He additionally underscored the significance of 5G technology in forthcoming projects like the Inter-Oceanic Corridor. Nevertheless, experts caution that the government must communicate and convey its plans and requirements for these initiatives to guarantee effective collaboration.