Experts call for action to be taken to tackle the UK’s digital divide

In its new publication, the University of Manchester’s academics call for urgent action to bridge the expanding digital divide in the UK. The publication which is titled On Digital Inequalities demarcates the impact of the digital divide on healthcare, education, employment, the economy among other areas. It further pinpoints policy measures to tackle the digital divide including:

  • Supply free-to-use digital devices and internet access to those in need
  • Increase funding for support programmes to get people online
  • Emulate the approach to digital skills development of countries such as Singapore and Finland
  • Ensure vital services are still delivered by telephone as well as online
  • Increase collaboration between businesses, government, and education providers
  • Support and enable schools to deliver ‘blended learning’
  • Support and protect remote workers

‘No longer should people have to make the choice between data and food – we know from our community partners that some people have had to make this choice in the last year,’ said Good Things Foundation Group Chief Executive Helen Milner.