Executives of the biggest US companies possible victims of cyber-espionage

Website of the US National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) has been hacked to include a malicious link, inviting board members to accept an infected calendar invite for a meeting, a cybersecurity firm Fidelis Cybersecurity reported. The attack might have infected computers of board members – which include executives from Amazon, Coca-Cola, eBay, ExxonMobil, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Visa and Walmart, among others – if they clicked the malicious link. Fidelis has suggested that the specific unit of the Chinese army, known as APT10, conducted the attack in order to gain access to confidential files from the executives of US companies, yet Forbes report expressed doubts that evidences are solid enough. Earlier, BAE Systems and PwC have issued a report claiming the Chinese APT10 crew was behind “one of the largest ever sustained global cyber espionage campaigns”, mainly against IT, cloud and managed service providers (MSPs).