EU’s Digital Decade targets require over €200 billion in investments for connectivity goals

A recent study indicates that there is an investment gap of at least €174 billion that must be addressed to meet these ambitious goals.

Flag by EU.

A recent study reveals that achieving the ambitious connectivity goals set by the EU under the Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030 will demand investments exceeding €200 billion. The targets aim to provide a Gigabit network to every European household and ensure next-generation high-speed networks equivalent to 5G cover all populated areas.

According to the study based on WIK-Consult’s model, around €114 billion will be needed to achieve the fixed Gigabit coverage goal using Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) technology. An estimated €33.5 billion will also be required to provide full 5G service, which involves deploying additional base stations and small cells.

The study estimates that €148 billion is required for the infrastructure investments alone, with an additional €26 billion to €79 billion needed for the main transport paths. This creates an investment gap of at least €174 billion, including potential public funds. This emphasizes the significant funding gap that both private sector investments and public funding, including EU programs like CEF Digital and the Recovery and Resilience Facility, must bridge to realise the Digital Decade vision.