European Parliament calls for strengthened consumer protection in online video games

The European Parliament emphasizes the importance of consumer protection in online video games. They advocate for regulations ensuring transparency on game content, purchase policies, and target age groups. Additionally, there is a call for data protection, gender balance, player safety, inclusivity towards people with disabilities, and streamlined cancellation of subscriptions. Refund policies should also be in line with regulations.

The European Parliament adopted a report on consumer protection in online video games, calling for better protection of gamers from addiction and manipulative practices. The report notes the need for harmonised rules that would give parents an overview of and control over the games played by their children. It also highlights the importance of clearer information on the content, in-game purchase policies, and target age group of games.

In the view of the European Parliament, online video games should prioritise data protection, gender balance, and the safety of players and should not discriminate against people with disabilities. Moreover, cancelling game subscriptions must be as easy as subscribing to them. The purchase, return, and refund policies must comply with EU rules.