European Commissions adopts  new strategy to protect children online

The European Commission has adopted a new strategy for online safety and empowerment of children. The strategy focuses on safe digital experiences, digital empowerment through education campaigns, and active participation of children in evaluating online risks and opportunities. It aims to protect children’s rights and improve their online experiences.

The European Commission has adopted a new European strategy for a Better Internet for Kids (BIK+), that aims to empower children,  improve age-appropriate digital services while ensuring that children are safe online and their rights are protected. The BIK+ is based on three  key pillars: 

1. Safe Digital Experiences by proposing to facilitate setting up an EU code for age-appropriate design, requesting to set up a European standard on online age verification by 2024, and explore how to use the planned European Digital Identity wallet for age verification

2.Digital empowerment by providing children with the necessary skills and competencies. The Commission proposes to organise  media literacy campaigns for children, teachers and parents through the Safer Internet Centres

and 3. Active Participation of children by mentorship among children by more experienced ones on the risks and opportunities online and also to organise a child-led evaluation of the strategy every two years.