EURid publishes a report on Internationalised Domain Names

EURid, the registry for .eu, published today a report on Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs). According to EURid’s findings, IDNs represent 2% of domain names registered worldwide. There are an estimated 6.2 million IDNs (as at December 2014). 4.5 million are ccTLDs, and 1.7 million are gTLDs. 28% of the world’s IDNs (ie 1.7 million) are at the top level, and 72% (ie 4.5 million) are at the second level. The report also concludes that:

  • IDNs help to enhance linguistic diversity in cyberspace;
  • the IDN market is more balanced in favor of emerging economies;
  • IDNs are accurate predictors of the language of web content.