Egypt aims to raise ICT’s contribution to GDP to 5% by 2025

The Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED) revised the strategy of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector and reported on the envisaged required development in the sector. According to the MoPED report, there are three main quantitative targets of the ICT sector in the medium term until 2025 which are to raise the contribution of the sector to the gross domestic product (GDP) to reach 5% – compared to a target of 2.6% expected in 20/2021, to increase its export capacity of products, and the sector and outsourcing services to reach US$6 billion – compared to the US$3.5 billion targets for the 21/2022 plan year. Regarding the capacity development in the files, the aim is to target 100,000 young men and women in highly demanded technological disciplines and to promote initiatives that support technological education and digital transformation.