ECJ preliminary ruling about Christian Louboutin red-soled high-heeled shoes

After many cases that Christian Louboutin fought over its red-soled high-heeled shoes, ECJ brought preliminary ruling on this matter in its favor. The initial case is referred by The District Court in The Hague which issued the preliminary injunction against Van Haren which was selling its own version of red-soled high-heeled shoes. The debate was around the question if the trademark that consists of a colour applied to the sole of a high-heeled shoe, consists only from a shape and as such can not have protection as a registered mark, or this is positional mark. In spite of oposite opnion of Advocate General, the court stated that this mark is not related to any specific shape of sole for high-heeled shoes since its essential element is a specific colour (red), as it was described in its previously filed trademark registrations. Hence the ECJ said that the red colour applied to the sole of a women’s high heel shoe is a positional mark.