Dutch corporations unknowingly supplied Russia with high tech

Dutch corporations have unknowingly supplied Russia with high tech. This has been done through shell companies founded by the Russian secret service.

Dutch high-tech companies have unknowingly sold technology to firms founded by the Russian military intelligence service, the head of the Dutch military (MIVD) secret service revealed in an interview with Financieele Dagblad.

As explained by Jan Swillens, the MIVD head, the Russian secret service created dozens of businesses functioning in the Netherlands as ‘front companies’ to purchase technology and smuggle it to Russia, thus evading sanctions. Smuggled goods ranged from microchips to rubber for military vehicle tires, and were primarily intended for military use.

The Dutch official called on for high-tech companies to conduct more thorough research into their customers and their products’ end users, and has informed the defence minister Kajsa Ollongren about the smuggling routes.