Discord to revise its child safety policies

Discord is updating its child safety policy to prohibit AI-generated child sexual abuse material and teen dating.


Discord announced that it is changing its children’s safety regulations, including the prohibition of AI-generated child sexual abuse content and teen dating. This follows an investigation by NBC News investigating the safety of youngsters using the site.

According to John Redgrave, Discord’s vice president of trust and safety, the firm is increasing its regulations to fight generative AI, which may produce false information and sexualization of children. The policy updates will focus on the prohibition of ‘any text or audiovisual content that sexualizes children, including cartoon and photorealistic AI-generated child sexual abuse material.’ Furthermore, Discord is revising its policy to prohibit any spaces that facilitate dating between teens.

As part of its policy revision, Discord has also revealed the availability of new parental supervision programs, such as the Family Center feature, allowing parents to get updates about their children’s actions on the platform.