Digital IDs tested and ready for rollout in Scotland

Scotland rolls out the next phase of ScotAccount for a more inclusive digital ID system.


Scotland’s aim to ensure that its digital ID service is inclusive is now validated by the successful rollout of ‘ScotAccount’. The project’s pilot phase, which started in February 2023, runs as ‘private beta’. It allows specific groups such as children, vulnerable adults and those with prior convictions to access their disclosure results in accordance with the Disclosure (Scotland) Act 2020. These applicants who fall under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme are allowed to review their information stored on ScotAccount via a process using an email and two-factor authentication. With the use of passports, driving licenses or state-issued biometric residence cards, users can verify their data stored on the system. The pilot gave the government valuable insights into how the system is being used.

Full implementation of ScotAccount began in April 2023 in alignment with government aims for 2026. ScotAccount not only expedites the PVG application process and saves the state processing and postage costs, but it is also increasingly fail-safe, personalised and secure, protecting the privacy of all users. 

The project’s next phase is expected to provide users with other means of verifying their identity and more methods of two-factor authentication, such as the use of codes for landline phones.