Digital Health Check to help cutback on NHS workload and morbidity rates

England places its face-to-face Health Check Programme online

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In an effort to combat the issue of growing morbidity rates, particularly in the area of lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, England will place the existing face-to-face National Health Service (NHS) Health Check programme online. Currently, adults between the ages of 40-74 are checked at the NHS for early signs of select lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dementia and kidney disease. Lifestyle diseases are amongst the top health risks affecting the healthcare system in the country.

Digital Health Check, which it is hoped will reach more persons, comes into effect next spring. Its use will result in patients living longer, healthier lives, simultaneously reducing the number of General Practitioner surgeries conducted at the NHS. It is to deliver one million checks in the first four years of operation and can be accessed via an online application on one’s mobile phone, tablet or computer. Upon submitting key demographic information, the results of a home-administered cholesterol test, and a blood pressure check from one of the select pharmacies, applicants will receive both access to their health status and personalised advice online. Referrals are made on a needs basis.