CyberPeace Institute founded in Geneva

CyberPeace Institute, an independent NGO, was founded in Geneva to contribute to efforts towards de-escalating conflicts and promoting peace and stability in cyberspace. The Institute will assist the most vulnerable victims (civilian and business infrastructures) of cyberattacks to recover and increase resilience, facilitate the collective analysis, research and investigation of cyber-attacks (including assessing the harm), and promote positive and responsible behaviour in cyberspace, in particular with regards to adherence to international laws and rules. The initial funding for the Institute is provided by Mastercard, Microsoft and the Hewlett Foundation. Stéphane Duguin, former Head of the EU Internet Referral Unit within Europol, will serve as the Chief Executive Officer, while Marietje Schaake, recent Member of European Parliament, will serve as the President and Chair of Advisory Board of the Institute.