CSIRO releases report on ethical AI usage

CSIRO has published a report, developed in collaboration with the Gradient Institute, providing practical recommendations and resources to help businesses implement ethical and responsible AI, addressing the gap between belief and implementation of responsible AI practices.

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The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, an Australian Government agency responsible for scientific research (CSIRO), has released a report to aid corporations in implementing ethical and responsible AI. The report, entitled ‘Implementing Australia’s AI Ethics Principles: A Selection of Responsible AI Practices and Resources,‘ was compiled by the Gradient Institute on behalf of the agency.

A report provides a set of guidelines and recommendations for businesses to develop responsible AI. Its release follows research conducted by the Fifth Quadrant and Gradient Institute, which found that although 82% of Australian businesses believed they were using AI responsibly, only 24% had implemented measures to ensure they were aligned with responsible AI practices. The report recommends specific actions such as impact assessments, fair data curation, pilot studies, and organisational training to promote robust and ethical use of AI in businesses. The report is available under a Creative Commons license.

According to National AI Centre Director Stela Solar, many businesses are struggling to responsibly navigate the rapidly evolving AI landscape and meet customer expectations for ethical use of the technology. She explained that businesses have reported that their ability to innovate using AI is directly linked to their ability to earn trust from the communities they serve.

A recent report on Australia’s AI Ecosystem Momentum also revealed that trust, privacy, security, data quality, and skills were the primary obstacles faced by AI projects. Stela Solar further added that AI systems developed without proper checks and balances could have unintended consequences that can harm a company’s reputation and customer loyalty.