Council of Europe: Convention on AI – Draft framework leaked (March 2024)

The Framework Convention on AI, Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law was finalised by the Council of Europe Committee on AI. However, the official version has not been released to the public.

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Tech journalist Luca Bertuzzi leaked an unofficial draft version of the Convention on AI and Human Rights. Although unofficial and subject to changes, the leaked document offers insight into ongoing efforts to establish international guidelines for AI development and deployment within the human rights framework.

About the convention

The Convention on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights within the Council of Europe (CoE) process involves the elaboration of a legally binding framework to govern the development, design, and application of AI systems based on CoE standards on human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

It aims to ensure that AI upholds legal standards in these areas and promotes innovation. The Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is responsible for finalizing the Framework Convention, which will cover AI systems throughout their lifecycles and be open to countries worldwide. The process involves input from governments, experts, industry, and civil society to strike a regulatory balance and meet high ethical standards.