Controversy surrounds Australia’s handling of online pornography age verification

Australia faces criticism for not implementing age verification for online pornography, prioritizing industry interests over child protection, according to experts.

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The Federal Government of Australia has been accused of refusing to prosecute Australia’s porn passport despite recommendations from child and women’s safety specialists, with over three dozen professionals signing an open letter to Prime Minister Albanese and Communications Minister Rowland.

According to the letter, the Australian government has put the interests of the pornography business ahead of the protection of children. The eSafety Commission advocated age verification technology to prevent kids from accessing X-rated content online. The government, however, rejected the suggestion and instead proposed the development of an industry code to require sites to have protections to prevent youngsters from accessing pornography. According to eSafety Commission research, a large percentage of young individuals view pornography online, posing safety concerns.

Rowland also pointed out that the digital industry must take responsibility and that the government will not hesitate to take action if children are not kept secure online. According to the statement, The government will also consider the pilot project and the suggestions of the eSafety Commission.