Connected devices will be a major security issue in 2017, survey shows

According to a recently-released report – The Internet of Evil Things – there is an increasing concern among information security professionals about the expanded attack surface and the risks the increasing number of connected devices in the workplace have introduced. The report, based on a survey of more than 800 IT professionals, shows that, while the information security community is well aware of the vulnerabilities and risks that connected devices present, awareness is not leading to the actions and investments that will mitigate risks and ensure the promise of a safe connected world. Some of the main device threat concerns for 2017 identified by survey respondents include: misconfigured healthcare, security, and IoT devices will provide another route for ransomware and malware to cause harm and affect organisations; unresolved vulnerabilities or the misconfiguration of popular connected devices, spurred by the vulnerabilities being publicised by botnets, in the hands of rogue actors, will compromise the security of organisations; mobile phones will be the attack vector of the future.