The Christchurch Call stresses capacity development

15 May 2019

The Christchurch Call, an initiative by New Zealand and France to eliminate terrorist, violent and extremist content online, and so far supported by 18 countries and the tech industry, calls for more focus on capacity development. In a plea for an “appropriate action” it mentions collaborative actions such as awareness-raising and capacity building activities aimed at smaller online service providers. In general, the Call refocuses attention from Facebook and Twitter to Internet service providers which are within reach of the national jurisdictions.

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Capacity development is often defined as the improvement of knowledge, skills and institutions to make effective use of resources and opportunities. Widespread on the agenda of international development agencies, capacity development programs range from societal to individual level and include a diversity of strategies, from fundraising to targeted training.

Jurisdiction is the authority of the court and state organs to decide on legal cases. The relationship between jurisdiction and the Internet has been ambiguous, since jurisdiction rests predominantly on the geographical division of the globe into national territories. Each state has the sovereign right to exercise jurisdiction over its territory.

One of the main sociocultural issues is content policy, often addressed from the standpoints of human rights (freedom of expression and the right to communicate), government (content control), and technology (tools for content control). Discussions usually focus on three groups of content:


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