China’s regulation on deepfakes to enter into force in January 2023

China will implement a regulation on deepfakes starting January 10, 2023. This rule aims to manage the creation and dissemination of synthetic images and videos generated using AI technology. It entails measures like data protection, identification of false information, and security assessments to safeguard against potential misuse of deep synthesis technology.

China’s regulation on deepfakes will come into force on 10 January 2023. Deepfakes are synthetically generated or altered images or videos built using artificial intelligence. This technology can be used to alter an existing video, for example, by creating realistic fake speech.

Finalised at the end of 2022, the Provisions on the Administration of Deep Synthesis of Internet-based Information Services requires providers of deep synthesis services, among other issues, to:

  • Strengthen data management by taking necessary measures for personal data protection according to the existing laws.
  • Establish guidelines, criteria, and processes for recognising false or damaging information, and devise mechanisms to deal with users who produce false or damaging material using deep synthesis technology.
  • Periodically review the algorithms used, and conduct security assessments when providing models, templates, and other tools with the editing function of the face, voice, and other biometric information, or objects, scenes, and other non-biometric information that may involve national security, national image, national interests, and public interests.