China issues draft guidelines to tackle online bullying

China is seeking public input on proposed rules to combat cyber violence, as concerns rise about online bullying and attacks on women and children online.

China Flag on the table

China is gathering public input on draft guidelines to combat cyber violence amidst concerns about growing online bullying, especially targeting women and children.

The draft guidelines highlight that cyber violence often targets strangers, making it difficult for victims to protect themselves and resulting in severe consequences such as social isolation, mental health issues, and even suicide. The proposed guidelines aim to address behaviours like spreading rumours, engaging in insults and personal attacks, and disclosing personal information online. Perpetrators may face criminal punishments for such actions.

Authorities have set a deadline of 25 June for public comments on the guidelines, which have been jointly developed by the Ministry of Public Security, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP), and the Supreme People’s Court.