China fines Tencent for hosting explicit content on QQ’s ‘Little World’ section

Tencent has accepted the penalties and pledged to make comprehensive improvements to enhance platform security and content moderation.

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China’s cyberspace regulator has fined Tencent Holdings 1 million yuan ($137,390.95) for hosting illegal and pornographic content on its ‘Little World’ section of the Tencent QQ platform.

Concerns were raised about minors’ safety due to explicit content and predatory behaviour in the comments section, violating laws protecting children. In addition to the 1 million yuan fine, Tencent faces penalties, including a 30-day suspension of ‘Little World’ and confiscation of profits.

Tencent QQ’s security centre has acknowledged the penalties, committing to platform improvements, including tech upgrades and content moderation enhancements, to address these issues.

Why does it matter?

This action is part of a broader set of measures adopted by China, such as implementing a daily two-hour cap on live-stream gamers, driven by the aim of safeguarding minors’ well-being and legal rights in the digital age. Notably, it establishes a precedent for other tech companies, emphasising the necessity of complying with stringent content guidelines and community standards or potentially facing consequences.