China calls for enhanced national security measures in light of AI risks

China’s Communist Party has issued a warning about the risks of AI and called for enhanced national security measures. The meeting emphasised safeguarding political security and improving governance of internet data and AI.

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China’s ruling Communist Party has issued a cautionary statement regarding the potential dangers of progress in AI and has advocated for the implementation of heightened national security measures. Following a meeting led by party leader and President Xi Jinping, the statement draws attention to the conflicting interests of China’s aspirations for technological leadership and apprehensions regarding the societal and political implications of AI.

The meeting emphasised the need to safeguard political security and improve the governance of internet data and AI. It also acknowledged the growing complexity and severity of national security challenges and called for strategic self-confidence and awareness of strengths and advantages. Furthermore, it stressed the importance of assessing risks, taking precautions, and ensuring the safety, reliability, and controllability of AI.

The warning from China follows similar concerns expressed by scientists and tech leaders in the United States and other countries. Worries about AI outsmarting humans have intensified, leading to calls for global efforts to mitigate the risks associated with AI development. China is dedicating significant resources to suppress political threats and control its tech sector, but regulating rapidly developing AI technology remains a challenge.