Children below five more prone to internet addiction

11 Jun 2019

In a report, Barnardo, a UK based Children’s charity has raised concerns of the growing trend of internet addiction among children aged five and below owing to their early access to electronic devices. With children substituting more and more family time to be on social media is not only affecting their mental health but also resulting in  failure to think creatively, interact with others socially and manage their own emotions.

Chief Executive  Bernardo, Javed Khan shared “Although the internet offers incredible opportunities to learn and play, it also carries serious new risks from cyberbullying to online grooming….These risks can have a devastating impact on the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children.”

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Cybersecurity is among the main concerns of governments, Internet users, technical and business communities. Cyberthreats and cyberattacks are on the increase, and so is the extent of the financial loss. 

Yet, when the Internet was first invented, security was not a concern for the inventors. In fact, the Internet was originally designed for use by a closed circle of (mainly) academics. Communication among its users was open.

Cybersecurity came into sharper focus with the Internet expansion beyond the circle of the Internet pioneers. The Internet reiterated the old truism that technology can be both enabling and threatening. What can be used to the advantage of society can also be used to its disadvantage.

Children’s use of the Internet and mobile technology is increasing, and for many children worldwide there is no clear distinction between the online and offline world. Access to the Internet presents many opportunities for their education, personal development, self-expression, and interaction with others.


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