Child Online Africa adopts ‘Ba da Labari’ storytelling approach  to protect children online

Child Online Africa introduces the ‘Ba da Labari’ storytelling campaign to safeguard children online. This initiative involves interactive storytelling sessions to discuss child online protection from an African standpoint, streamed live with the aim of building a supportive online community through the hashtag #.

Child Online Africa along with its partners has launched a new campaign ‘Ba da Labari’ – the Hausa word for storytelling, to protect children online. 

Through this initiative the group  wants to use the storytelling format in which stakeholders and participants in an informal interactive conversation  will share personal stories and thoughts on various topics related to child online protection from the African perspective. These conversations will be streamed live. 

This campaign will be promoted using the hashtag #BDL to form the online community so that the storytelling initiative can continue even after this campaign ends.